Ever wish you had a way with words?

There’s no denying they have power. As a writer, I can help you make a statement.


I specialize in writing copy that enhances a brand while educating the consumer and motivating them to experience the product or service.


Donna Scoggins

I am a writer, and words are my passion. If that needs to be further defined, I’ve been a copywriter, editorial writer, branding specialist, content manager and songwriter over the past 20+ years in my career as a professional wordsmith.

I’ve worked for many notable clients, including Neiman Marcus, Pier 1, American Airlines, Sewell Automotive, Cosmopolitan, The Dallas Morning News, and more—as well as a variety of renowned luxury lifestyle brands.


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“I’ve been fascinated by words and their impact all my life. Words have the power to inform, excite, enrage, intrigue, and make you laugh or cry. When writing, I try to wield such power fairly, honestly, and above all—effectively.”



Donna approaches clients with discernment to know who they really are. The client in return, whether individual or corporate entity, always comes back with the same response, “She gets me.” Donna is meticulous with pinpointing the voice then nails it with consistency. She is a true collaborator, and her fearless and fun attitude make her a fantastic creative partner.

Jerod L. Dame

Brand Strategist/Creative, DAME

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