I am a freelance writer specializing in marketing collateral, website content, and brand identity + positioning copy. I have extensive experience in the areas of retail, fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty, and speak well to the luxury consumer. In  2019, I began working as a ghost writer by assisting individuals in writing their private personal memoir.


As a copywriter, I strive to write in a way that informs, intrigues, induces sales, and always enhances the brand. That’s the serious spin. Simply put, I am energized by the challenge of creating meaningful messaging using as few words as possible. I love to capture the essence of product, person, place or thing.


  • brand identity
  • product positioning
  • sales collateral

  • ghostwriting
  • social media content
  • blogging

  • marketing collateral
  • taglines & mission statements
  • website copy

If you’d like to discuss how I can enhance your brand or help you write the story of your life or your business, fill out the information on my Contact Page. I look forward to speaking with you! You can learn more about me and my own writing by reading my BLOG, and view and download my Resume Here.