How fast can I engage you? As a professional copywriter, that is the question that drives me to create brand identity and digital marketing messaging that is relevant, concise and compelling. The object is to tell a story that leads to conversion and sales, and the challenge is that we know we have as little as three seconds to grab the audience’s attention.

Luckily, I find this sort of thing enjoyable. As a writer, asking myself how I can phrase or rephrase copy to best represent a client’s brand—making sure it persuades, evokes emotion, drives home a critical point of distinction and wins trust—is exactly what excites me. Call me crazy.

I don’t profess to be an expert at all aspects of marketing in today’s rapidly changing digital world, but what I promise and deliver to clients is that I seek to understand your business and your goals—as well as your customer and audience. The messaging I craft on your behalf will speak to your unique brand in a consistent voice, whether it’s an established voice or a modified voice we create together.

Have a creative team on staff? I love collaborating with designers and art directors. Beautiful images and designs married with thoughtful words always have the most impact.

In short, I genuinely care about my clients and getting them results they need; it’s gratifying to know that I have fulfilled my responsibilities as a freelance copywriter and creative partner.

Below are a few of the fun projects I’ve worked on over the past 20+ years as a freelance writer. Click on any thumbnail to learn more about the specifics of the client and job.

Editorial Writing

My career as a writer began in 1995. I found a relevant topic, wrote a story, researched how to write a query letter, and submitted it to Cosmo with fingers crossed. Much to my delight, I got published and paid on my first submission.


I always listen for the story in a song. I can’t play or sing, but I decided to study songwriting anyway. “Magic” received airplay, and “Whiskey Wins” was recognized by the Nashville Songwriters Association in a competition sponsored by CMT (2012). Take a listen…


Miscellaneous work and projects (#funstuff)


Work in progress. Stay tuned…