Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Lucky for me I began life as a freelance writer back in 1995 with a feature story that appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine. Most of the same principles applied then as now: choose a relevant topic, know your subject, study the publication, and say a silent prayer when you submit your idea and hope it gets accepted.  

 Back then, I was looking for a career change and knew that I loved to write. Since this precedes the digital age, I bought an old-school book on how to craft a query letter and sent it off with a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) tucked inside—as well as the first draft of my story. At the time, the media and public were obsessed with super models, and being a model myself for years, I knew about the industry. I also targeted my story to fit the tone and content of the magazine. Luckily, it worked, and voila! I was published.

 Everyone wants to be a writer. I say this if you are serious about it: Just start writing. Write about what you know, study digital and traditional publications that fit your interests and content, and believe that someone will find your voice and perspective valuable to others. You only live once and you just may become a freelance writer yourself.