Welcome to the home of my Blog, or rather my collection of Miscellaneous Musings. As a freelance writer, I’m usually wordsmithing on behalf of clients, but blogging allows me to say whatever I feel—which could be dangerous. Read on if you are game (or at the very least not easily offended). I’ll confess right now that there is no telling how often I’ll write or just what I’ll say.

Coronavirus Dreams

July 6, 2020 Who is having crazy dreams? The end of my last one goes like this: Somehow I find myself in a medium-sized jet where I quickly realize there is no one at the helm. (Insert expetive.) No one is flying the plane! The other faceless passengers seem...

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Working From Home

One of the perks of being a self-employed freelance writer is that I get to work from home. My schedule. My desk. My big Mac. Twice in nearly three decades I’ve tried working full-time for a corporation—at an office from 9-5—with lots of other people plus a boss and a...

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