Personal Maintenance

I had to push back from my desk and go to the dentist earlier this week. Good news: My cleaning and exam were both covered by our dental insurance policy. Bad news: I was told I needed two new crowns and one had to happen soon (as in the next day). Crowns are only covered at 50%, so the drilling and uncomfortable torture set me back $550. Sigh. It’s hard to win with medical bills.

Brand Maintenance

You may be wondering how this relates to my business as a professional copywriter and ghostwriter. Well, after years of staying blessedly busy and therefore neglecting my own brand, I just finished a month-long project to polish up my professional messaging. I also had my website redesigned and optimized. (Thank you, Melissa, at

Tending to Both

I’ve written before about the losing battle that is trying to stay young-looking as the years roll by, but after dealing with the dentist, it occurred to me that I must maintain my website and myself if I want both to remain effective. Tending to mind and body, as well as one’s online presence, can be time-consuming and costly, but no one ever said it’s easy to look good. And I’m here to confirm that sounding good takes effort, as well.

Here’s Why

The end of a year usually brings out my inner optimist, and frankly, I know we’ll all be glad to kiss 2020 goodbye. If you are stuck at home and social-distancing because of COVID-19, I urge you to use some of your down-time to re-evaluate your own brand identity and messaging. I can say from personal experience that tending to this task pays off in spades. I just got a new client who said he found me by searching Google for “freelance writer Dallas.” That’s proof-positive that SEO works.

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