Marc Jacobs

Fashion editorials often start as a collaboration between art director and copywriter. Ultimately, photography tells the story and it’s the writer’s job to add nuance and influence by way of words.

As a freelance fashion copywriter for Neiman Marcus’ magalogue, “the book,” I was in enviable position of working with images born of a collaboration between some of the world’s preeminent photographers, models, hair and makeup professionals, stylists and fashion designers. In this catalog story devoted to Marc by Marc Jacobs, it wasn’t hard for me to feel the words I used to express a mood and so create an imagined narrative that would appeal to Jacobs most ardent fans.

The man who is often credited with starting the 1990s grunge trend also served as creative director for Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2014. He has and had fans aplenty—despite having once been fired from his post at Perry Ellis. He launched his second eponymous collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs, in 2001.

And if the fashion fan reading “the book” wasn’t aware of Jacobs longstanding genius? I bet on the premise that most modern women have a hunger for feeling a little offbeat, hip, misunderstood and therefore totally unique—at least on occasion.