Wistful Thinking

As a freelance fashion copywriter for Neiman Marcus’ magalogue, the book, I was in enviable position of access to images born of a collaboration between some of the world’s preeminent photographers, models, hair and makeup professionals, stylists and fashion designers. That advantage made concepting and giving voice to an editorial an easy proposition.

This fashion editorial featured a collection of date-night dresses and evening wear. When I saw the film and the layout, I thought that the tender moment captured in the opening spread spoke of young love and longing. There is really nothing quite like it. Who doesn’t get a little wistful thinking back to that fleeting time in their own life?

Not only that, is there a woman alive who doesn’t want to look alluring, dolled up in a chic, beguiling dress, and anticipating a secret rendezvous with a handsome young man? I think this is a fantasy most women find appealing. Consider the plot of most romance novels; the point of view is a no-brainer.

Fashion is a form of expression. The seductive dress can capture the attention of an ardent honest suitor—or that of a rakish rogue. When getting dressed for the occasion, you never know.