Ethel M Chocolates

Is there anyone who doesn’t love chocolate? If so, how do you manage? The fact is, I love chocolate…especially when I’m getting paid to write about it, as was the case with this freelance catalog copywriting job.

Ethel M was created by Forrest Mars Sr., said to be “the driving force of the Mars candy empire.” Not only did he create the recipe for Milky Way and Snickers bars (in addition to the nutty and much-beloved colorful orbs known as M&Ms), but he also launched this high-end candy brand in honor of his late mother, using her timeless confectionary recipes that date back to the early 1900s.

In 2015, Mars, Incorporated was named 6ᵗʰ largest privately held company by Forbes. The Mars family has always been notoriously private, but thank goodness they shared their passion for creating great candy and gourmet chocolate with the rest of the world.

Next time you are visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, you can schedule a tour at the Ethel M candy factory located just outside of town. Worst case, if you succumb to the city’s other tempting attractions and run out of time, you can pick up a box of chocolates at the airport when flying out. This could definitely soothe any sore feelings that arise within the spouse or significant other you may have left behind.