Sewell Lexus LC Magazine Ad

As a freelance copywriter used to promote Sewell’s portfolio of automotive brands, I wrote signage, email marketing, bios, print and digital ads, and model landing pages. Not only did I create the messaging for this Lexus print ad, but I wrote for many of the company’s other brands, including Infiniti, Audi and previous franchise, MINI. Sewell was founded on the “Customer for Life” philosophy, and that message was always a critical element in the company’s marketing communications.

Of all the copywriting assignments from Sewell, the model landing pages could be described as the most challenging. Using Sewell Lexus as an example, there may be seven luxury sedans. While it’s easy to differentiate a hybrid model, some of the other automobiles in the lineup were simply more or less luxurious. How to make all of the models sound equally as compelling was the task at hand. Additionally, as a copywriter for the automotive industry, I needed to familiarize myself with an array of technical and engine-specific details.

Learning about something new, and making multiple like products sound intriguing, is something I’m likely to do for most all of my clients. That’s what makes my job as a freelance writer and copywriter interesting. Lucky for me, my knowledge base is always growing and I’m never bored.