Social Media Event Promotion

As clients go, Heart of Fashion was a dream. Working alongside a talented designer, through boutique agency Idea Works Global, we brought the founder’s vision to life. The prominent Houstonian had a flair for fashion and a passion for philanthropy. As a team, we helped her create Heart of Fashion. This social media post was one in a series used to promote the Back in Black Masquerade Ball.

As Senior Copywriter, I:

  • Created all brand messaging for Heart of Fashion – An entity used to create memorable events to raise spirits and awareness for important causes supported by Texas Legacy Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit
  • Created the tagline: For Art. For Good.™
  • Concepted and implemented all social media campaigns and content copywriting
  • Wrote press releases and brand guidelines
  • Executed the same for Texas Legacy Foundation

Season One honored legendary model Carmen Dell’Orefice for her contributions to the world of art, fashion, photography and design. Through Texas Legacy Foundation, Heart of Fashion distributed a total of $99,000 to charities: Meals on Wheels, Legacy Community Health Services, and debra of America.

After an equally unique and successful Season Two, a debilitating autoimmune disease forced Heart of Fashion’s founder to reduce her business commitments in order to focus on her health. She retains her status as one of my all-time-best clients, and someone I will always believe is smart, beautiful, super creative and fun.