The Bachelor

Fashion editorials often start as a collaboration between art director and copywriter. Ultimately, photography tells the story, and it’s the writer’s job to embellish and then add nuance and influence by way of words.

This fashion editorial is one of my all-time favorites. It appeared in the men’s book for Neiman Marcus. Given the photography and the model’s pose, my first thought when contemplating the direction for my copy was that this guy had swagger. After all, consider the outfit, the guitar, and the chain necklace. Could he be married? Hmmm. Doubtful. And so the headline comes from this viewpoint—while simultaneously giving nod to the hit reality show that we all can’t believe we’re still watching on TV.

The copy reads on to reveal “Jack” was once a solid guy who ditched his buttoned-up life for something a little more…colorful. I think Jack was pretty smart. For better and often for worse, the ladies still love a bad boy.

As a freelance fashion copywriter for Neiman Marcus’ magalogue, the book, I was in enviable position of access to images born of a collaboration between some of the world’s preeminent photographers, models, hair and makeup professionals, stylists and fashion designers. Lucky me. Lucky Jack.