America’s Horse Magazine

This editorial piece, written for an American Quarter Horse publication, was one of the first regional stories I had published. Why write for an equine-related magazine, you may ask? I started riding at age nine and got my first horse shortly after, and though I it’s been a while since I was back in the saddle, my reverence for these awesome creatures has never diminished.

The piece chronicles how an unlikely horse becomes a hero to his owner/trainer after she suffers a freak accident that leads to a debilitating brain, neck and spinal injury. Of course, Fudy, the underdog here, helps rehabilitate his salty owner Candace, and his $1200 purchase price becomes worth a million to Candace when she is able to ride again. Horses are therapeutic for body and soul, which is precisely why this luxury writer and retail copywriter took a departure from her typical gigs and set about telling the story of a woman and her best furry friend.  159 words

Another reason I include this piece in my online portfolio is because the job of writing this feature story is like a mini version of ghostwriting a personal memoir. The process involves interviewing the subject and telling the story of a transformative journey in a person’s life. It’s a mini memoir. I liked writing it then, and my freelance writing services today now include writing personal memoirs for others.