Mary Kay Cosmetics

I worked for Mary Kay as a freelance copywriter at the start of my career, as well as later in a full-time as a Senior Copywriter on the brand development team. My responsibilities included writing this Mother’s Day catalog, writing a Father’s Day catalog, and later working with a team responsible for conceiving compelling brand names and taglines for new products that would likely to be available to trademark. Given the crowded space that is the beauty business, the latter, in particular, is never an easy feat.

Founded in 1963, Mary Kay is a privately-owned multi-level marketing company with a global network of beauty consultants who sell and distribute makeup and skincare products in their community. As a copywriter for this beauty brand, it was important to keep in mind that in some ways, the sales consultant is the ultimate customer. Selling her on new products meant she could, in turn, sell them with conviction to her customers.

Top consultants are famously awarded lavish gifts and a car of their choice (pink Cadillacs go to the top performing Independent Sales Directors). Discounts on an array of skin care products and samples of products in development are available to the hardworking copywriter who helps create the brand identity for new products.