Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Spread 3

The Fantasy Gifts copy was included with the freelance catalog work I did for the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. As an experienced retail writer with a deep understanding of the luxury consumer, it was the ultimate writing assignment.

This custom library offering from Assouline will always hold a special place in my heart. For writers and book lovers, what could be better than a custom-built room featuring objets d’art, beautifully framed prints, sumptuous seating that’s ideal for reading, and shelves filled with 250 current and vintage volumes of books from Assouline? I’ve never enjoyed reading from a tablet and can’t imagine I ever will. A room of one’s own, just like this, may be my favorite fantasy from Neiman Marcus.

Speaking of which, it was Stanley Marcus who was responsible for debuting the concept of “His & Hers” fantasy gifts back in 1959. Eventually, Ginger Reeder began curating the remarkable one-of-a-kind gifts that along the way have included a submarine, an airplane and a Bell helicopter, as well as cars and motorcycles designed by actors made famous by their action-hero roles. Once, there was a multi-story “pet paradise” one could purchase for a furry best friend. Customers needn’t fear that others will frown upon such indulgent acquisitions. Neiman Marcus makes substantial donations to a designated charity with every fantasy gift purchased.